Friday 8 March 2024

On The Easel - March 2024

My previous work primarily featured muted hues; bright colors didn't convey the depth of the context behind the art. Now I'm loving the vibrancy and juiciness of my palette.  I think this major change occurred because life feels so much brighter than it used to.  I hope these paintings bring light to your day 🤗.

Always, Acrylic on Canvas

Hot Pink, Acrylic on Canvas

One Sunday Afternoon, Acrylic on Paper

Sixty Shades of Scarlet, Mixed Media on Canvas Board

Thanks for stopping by.   Wishing you a vibrant week.

Janee 💕

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Jane E Porter is a fine artist and illustrator from Scotland, dedicated to exploring and understanding the fascinating interplay between art, psychology and philosophy. She shares insights and observations made over the past two decades with a delightful mix of wit and wisdom. Join her as she continues her journey, delving into these themes, offering you fresh perspectives and insights on art, identity and storytelling.

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