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F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Price of Fame

This article is a brief outline of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life and illustrates why I chose him to be part of my ‘Tortured Souls’ series. Francis Scott Fitzgerald is considered one of the great American writers of the 20th Century. At 23 years old, he had achieved glittering success but sadly, he went on to live a life of excess, alcoholism and depression leading to an early death at the age of 44.  By the time of his death, most of his works were out of print and his early achievement as a literary star was almost forgotten. In the early days, alcohol softened the blow of rejection and camouflaged the pain of poverty. At the height of his career, he and his wife Zelda lived the celebrity lifestyle, resembling that of the characters in his highly successful novel, The Great Gatsby.  Extravagant parties with the elite, expensive liquors, hysteria and outrageous behaviour were all part of a regular day for the Fitzgeralds.  They revelled in the attention and were always agreeable to put on

The Tortured Soul Creates Art

I am lost, I am blessed, creative and a mess, I am  medicated, stoned and obsessed. I am confused, I’m sad and driven nearly mad,  I am alone, I’m guilty and possessed. I am courageous and terrified, I’m secretive and I’ve lied,  I am success, a failure and God knows how I’ve tried. I’m tormented, I am strong, yet weak and I was wrong  about so many things. I am rejected, I am knocked, temporarily blocked.   I am powerless and under repair. I am questioning, unsure, altered and impure,  I am doubt and I’m out of control. I am determined, I am fear, I am real, I am here. I am the artist’s tortured soul.