Friday 22 July 2022

The Tortured Soul Creates Art

I am lost, I am blessed, creative and a mess, 
I am medicated, stoned and obsessed.
I am confused, I’m sad and driven nearly mad, 
I am alone, I’m guilty and possessed.
I am courageous and terrified, 
I’m secretive and I’ve lied, 
I am success, a failure and 
God knows how I’ve tried.

I’m tormented, I am strong, 
yet weak and I was wrong 
about so many things.
I am rejected, I am knocked, 
temporarily blocked.  
I am powerless and under repair.
I am questioning, unsure, 
altered and impure, 
I am doubt and I’m out of control.
I am determined, I am fear, 
I am real, I am here.
I am the artist’s tortured soul.