The Feminist Artists Gave Us A Voice

This piece is about the fears many women have about using their voice and saying what they believe in.   I'd been studying 'The Feminist Art' movement of the late 1960s and was inspired by the strength and determination of these women. The Feminist artists stood against an established, male-dominated art world. Women were under-represented and invisible to the public and the Feminist artists fought to change, what had been the norm for centuries. I want to thank them for their courage and offer my sincere gratitude. Image: Spoils of Courage 2004 (sold), Mixed Media on Board - oils, wax, plaster. Further Reading The Feminist Artists Who Changed the World Artland - Feminist Art History  How Art Fought for Women's Rights

The Painter's Pot - Retrospective

After all these years, I'm still trying to find myself as an artist. To help me solve this dilemma and organise my thoughts, I have decided to start at the beginning.

This was one of the first paintings I did at art school. My tutors said that palette knife paintings were artless and cheesy so being defiant, I painted the whole thing with palette knives and guess what - they couldn't tell the difference.

Stick to your guns, try things out.  Being defiant is part of being an artist.

Image -  The Painter's Pot 30 x 60 cm, oil on canvas.


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