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From Tiny Acorns - Selling Small Works Can Lead to Commissions

Two weeks ago I sold ‘Last September’ and was very grateful to receive three commissions as a result.  I’d been chatting with friends at my other job about my latest art project, daily paintings and they were really interested.  ‘Bring them in’, they said.  So I did. 

Last September 2015 and Late December 2016 (mixed media)

One of the great things about small paintings is how portable they are.  I lightly wrapped them, didn’t even have to bubble, shoved them in a bag and got on the bus.  Ah the relief - no art handler, hiring a van or meticulously maneuvering an oversized painting into my undersized car.

It created a buzz in the office, small original art people could afford to buy.  I plonked them in the staff room and left them to it.  As it turned out, some wanted the same pieces, ‘I will make you another’, I said.  And I did - three in fact. 

One of my colleagues texted, ‘I want the one that’s ……,  Exactly the same please.’  It's really difficult, well impossible to create an exact copy so we agreed on similar, in the same spirit as.  It was a great challenge and I learned loads.  
Felleswoode, 2016 and Autumn Fable 2016 (mixed media)
Thanks guys for the commissions.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Visit Daily Paintworks to see more.  I also have an auction that's finishing today.

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The Artist's Shoes - Daily Painting Auction

The Artist's Shoes 8 x 10", oil on canvas
I showed this painting to my BFF and she loved it.  Laughing, she said, 'I've never seen a painting of shoes before, you can even see the shape of your feet.  Put it in the next auction.'  So here it is.

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