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The Artist Within

The Rich Boy by Jane E Porter
As young children we were innocent, untarnished; our lives lay ahead of us, unknown and undetermined.  When we look back at our childhood, could we have imagined what we would become; a writer, musician, artist?  Could anyone have predicted what the future would hold for us?  Life and our destiny are continually evolving; as every new person we meet or opportunity presents itself, we have the power to alter our destination.  As adults we make decisions every day, as children most of our decisions were made for us.  We didn't get to decide where we were to live or which school we would attend.  We were told which God to believe in and trained to follow the family etiquette.  We were educated to determine right from wrong and versed in what’s good and what's not.  Our parents and teachers decided what we were good at and where we were lacking.  But at what point do we stop listening?  When do we stop accepting what they said?  When does the voice of the artist emerge?

Image:  The Rich Boy, Homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald by Jane E Porter

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