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Leave Evaluation Aside, Be Naked, Create For Yourself

Wild Flowers In Jug, 2013, acrylic on paper

I have just started reading, The Gift by Lewis Hyde, How The Creative Spirit Transforms The World.  I've had this book for quite some time and picked it up a few times but never managed to get into it however, I opened it this morning and wanted to share this excerpt as I think it will resonate with most artists.  Poet, Allen Ginsberg, talks about the importance of leaving evaluation aside to enable to creative process to truly flow:

The parts of you that embarrass you the most are usually the most interesting poetically, are usually the most naked of all, the rawest, the goofiest, the strangest and the most eccentric and at the same time, most representative, most universal... That was something I learned from Kerouac, which was that spontaneous writing could be embarrassing... The cure for that is to write things down which you will not publish and which you won't show people.  To write secretly... so you can actually be free to say anything you want...

It means abandoning being a poet, abandoning your careerism, abandoning even the idea of writing any poetry, really abandoning, giving up as hopeless-abandoning the possibility of really expressing yourself to the notions of the world.  Abandoning the ideas of being a prophet with honor and dignity and abandoning the glory of poetry and just settling down in the much of your own mind ... You really have to make a resolution just to write for yourself ... in the sense of not writing to impress yourself, but just writing what your self is saying. (The Gift, Lewis Hyde, Canongate Books Ltd, 2007 pp.147- 8).

At this juncture in my creative career, or block, one might say, the above quote reminds me of why I started making art in the first place.  The love and joy of it now lost, swallowed by the muddy waters of conformity; applying for shows, appealing to galleries and ongoing rejection.  With this is mind and thanks to Renoir, I painted a vase of flowers because nobody was watching.

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