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Why Being A Painter Rocks

When do you know that you are truly an artist?  It’s not just because it resonates within you but because the practice of your craft is as big a buzz as the finished piece.  The final product is not the prize, it is the bonus prize.     

Painting is like a love affair, a passionate love affair that develops over time.  There is euphoria, hysteria, despair and excitement; the more you bestow the better it becomes.  Time gives greater understanding of the pigments and the mediums and your eye learns to see beyond your expectations.  You learn to look beyond what is and feel and express what isn’t.  Your sense of appreciation heightens for the great artists who have passed and for your own progression.  You are excited by the mistakes and disasters because you have made a new discovery and are moving towards being a greater painter.

Many gratifying processes in life don’t result in a physical product.  Instead they offer a sense of achievement that rests in our memories.  A painting however is the objectification of processes and ideas that physically lives on in time. Some professional artists produce paintings very quickly ‘alla prima’, some in half a day.  They have perfected their craft in such a way to achieve an accelerated result.  I prefer to build up my paintings slowly so I can observe the nuances that occur when applying each layer, the changes in colour as the pigments dry and how each brush stroke will affect the one before.  Mixing the media causes unexpected reactions which need to be appraised before making the next mark.  Continually assessing proportion, tone, value and expression against the aesthetic, the composition and the context, challenge my inquisitive brain and inform the painting’s final outcome.  Giving air to complex subjects and transforming them into an artform quenches my endless creative thirst however long it may take.  And to finish for now, the signature is added, the full stop at the end of each story. 

The painting is complete and as I look at the objectification of my madness, I feel the shift. 

Image:  The Gold Key, Homage to Anne Sexton 2010 by Jane E Porter

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