Edie Sedgwick - The Queen of The Factory

Portrait Painting by Jane E Porter
Edie Sedgwick, oil on board 110 x 120 cm

This is the last painting from the series, The Tortured Soul Creates Art.

Warhol's Woman Detail by Jane E Porter
Edie Sedgwick was an American actress, socialite, model and heiress, best known as one of Andy Warhol's superstars. Despite Edie’s prosperous upbringing, her childhood was plagued with trauma. Her brother Minty was an alcoholic by age 15, committing suicide in 1964, the day before his 26th birthday. Her brother Bobby, also suffering from mental health problems, was institutionalized after a nervous breakdown in early 1950 while attending Harvard. He crashed his motorcycle into a bus on New Year's Eve 1964 and died two weeks later.  Edie was also institutionalised at the age of 19 because of an ongoing eating disorder.

After turning 21 in 1964, Eddie left Cambridge for New York, moving into her invalid grandmother's 14-room Park Avenue apartment, spending her nights at top clubs and discotheques. In 1965, she met Andy Warhol.

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